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Books by A.C. Rose


A mysterious billionaire from Transylvania insists he is has found his true love. Now, he has to convince a jaded, commitment-phobic New Yorker she's the one.


A Passionate Professor. A smitten student. An attraction that could not be denied


Detective Hercules Andrews and drive time radio dating expert Lizzy Harper bond over their respective injuries. When she talks about the super sexy New York City cop on air, a controversy of epic proportion ensues and he is forced to go undercover – as her boyfriend.


What happens when a thoroughly modern New York woman meets a completely hot, gorgeous young Alpha caveman from a far-away-land? They clash, they argue, and then he scoops her up in his strong arms and carries her off to bed and makes mad, passionate, hot, sexy, mind-blowing love to her.

The Caveman is so hot she can barely take her eyes off him. Only one problem, he's too young. And there is this other issue: she wants it to just be about the sex and he wants something ... more. And he will go to great lengths to claim her. See who wins in this steamy, super sexy and charming short story about finding true love in a surprising package.

My Hot Cop

In this steamy novelette, New York reporter Belle Anderson accepts a weekend assignment in Florida for a little sun, fun, and to stop obsessing over the handsome surgeon that broke her heart.

She meets Lucas Jensen, a super hot, dirty talking, Alpha cop with handcuffs who wants to help take her mind off things. He agrees to dominate Belle for one night of wild, uncensored passion, with one condition: She must let him take complete command of her body.

Everything he does and says that night helps heal the ache in her heart. But when he asks for more, she wonders if the devoted attention of one powerful man truly help her forget her feelings for another?

The Boss of Me

Jillian Spencer works in publishing and is addicted to romance books and movies with sexy alpha heroes who do not take "no" for an answer. She works too hard, maybe to hide her secret wish to be chosen and dominated by a man who is gorgeous, powerful, and masterful.

On a Saturday that began with a sexy dream, and a series of events that made her long for a romantic adventure, Jillian ends up in the arms of a gorgeous, seductive CEO-type. He reminds her of the hero of the movie she’d seen…and the hero in the book she was reading… and maybe even the guy in her dream. Oh, and he also looks a little like her new billionaire boss.

Whoever he is, he seems to be the perfect fantasy man. The only problem: He demands Jillian surrender and submit to him, immediately—without even telling her his name. She has to choose between the safety of her fictional worlds...and the possible danger of having her secret fantasy come true.

Healing Touch

A compassionate nurse. An arrogant surgeon. Sparks fly in the busy neonatal unit in this enemies to lovers tale.

Falling Hard for Fifty Shades

Ever wonder why we fell so hard for Fifty Shades of Grey? In FALLING HARD FOR FIFTY, author A.C. Rose followed her own "fangirl" curiosity to take a deeper look at why many of us became so passionately addicted to the love story between Christian and Ana -- and what made Christian and Ana so addicted to each other!

How to Lasso a Real Cowboy

It was a fantasy come true! As a sex columnist for a magazine, A.C. Rose was sent to the heart of cowboy country to research an article on how to flirt with cowboys. Her job was to do interviews, observe, and bring back a story that would be a fun read for city girls. Her secret wish was to also get a taste of some Western-style romance.

She found herself surrounded by thousands of hunky rodeo riders, cowhands, rich ranchers, and cute guys in cowboy hats, but one stood out: the tall, gorgeous, blue-eyed former rodeo rider she nicknamed Smokin’ Hot. He was sweet, smart, and so damn sexy. How could she resist his cowboy charms? She couldn’t. She got her story, and discovered what it is like to be romanced, cowboy-style!

In this fun romantic story, where journalism blends with romantic storytelling, she shares her own experience as well as all she learned on how to find and lasso a cowboy of your own.