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My Hot Cop

She wants just one arresting evening, but will one night be enough?

Sometimes the best way to forget about a man who causes you heart ache is to find a man who can make you ache with desire. A man who can make you tingle with excitement. A man who devotes himself to your pleasure.

In this steamy novelette, New York reporter Belle Anderson accepts a weekend assignment in Florida to take her mind off of the handsome surgeon that broke her heart.

She meets hot cop Lucas Jensen. He’s a take-charge, dirty talking Alpha who likes to use his handcuffs for pleasing pursuits. Lucas agrees to dominate Belle for one night of wild, uncensored passion, with one condition: She must let him take complete command of her body.

Everything he does and says helps heal her heart. But when he asks for more than one night, she wonders if the devoted attention of one powerful man truly help her forget her feelings for another?

This is a stand-alone novelette with a HFN ending.