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How to Lasso a Real Cowboy

A City Girl's Guide to Western-style Romance

It was a fantasy come true!

As a sex columnist for a magazine, A.C. Rose was sent to the heart of cowboy country to research an article on how to flirt with cowboys. Her job was to do interviews, observe, and bring back a story that would be a fun read for city girls.

Her secret wish was to also get a taste of some Western-style romance.

She found herself surrounded by thousands of hunky rodeo riders, cowhands, rich ranchers, and cute guys in cowboy hats, but one stood out: the tall, gorgeous, blue-eyed former rodeo rider she nicknamed Smokin’ Hot. He was sweet, smart, and so damn sexy. How could she resist his cowboy charms? She couldn’t. She got her story, and discovered what it is like to be romanced, cowboy-style!

In this fun romantic story, where journalism blends with romantic storytelling, she shares her own experience as well as all she learned on how to find and lasso a cowboy of your own.