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Falling Hard for Fifty

Ever wonder why we fell so hard for Fifty Shades of Grey?

In FALLING HARD FOR FIFTY, author A.C. Rose followed her own "fangirl" curiosity to take a deeper look at why many of us became so passionately addicted to the love story between Christian and Ana -- and what made Christian and Ana so addicted to each other!

Woven into the story are brilliant enticements for all the senses and romantic situations to stir our hormones, grip our hearts, and capture our minds.

FALLING HARD FOR FIFTY takes a look at attraction, desire, and falling in love through the experience of Christian and Ana -- and traces the arousing roller coaster ride readers took right along with them. It takes a peek at what made the story and the characters come alive and seem so real.

* Discover the truth about how the brain perceives fictions
* Hear about why the erotic triggers in the book enticed all our senses
* Find out why Ana was so intoxicated by Christian's scent
* Learn about the love chemicals stimulated by that first meeting, and first kiss
* Check out the explanation for the 'electricity' between the characters
* Grasp more insight into the impact of all of their multiple orgasms
* Read why women love Christian Grey’s dominance
* See what fans say about why they fell so hard for Fifty

This book began as a research paper and evolved over more than three years of reporting on the Fifty Shades phenomenon. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by author E.L. James or her publisher. It is intended as a tribute.

Journalist and author A.C. Rose is founder of the Fifty Shades of Grey News fan page on Facebook, a community of 200,000 fans. She has also reported on Fifty Shades of Grey and the new erotic romance revolution for four years.