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Allison Monroe just got kissed. On an elevator. By a stranger. And she liked it a lot.

But she has no time to be distracted by this gorgeous man, with his panty-melting glances and sexy accent. She’s headed to the most important event of her career—a launch party for the new "My Fantasy e-Reader" at Club Kismet, high atop a Manhattan Skyscraper.

She’s determined to forget about the amatory elevator ride.

But Nicolai Petre has other ideas. That kiss confirmed what his grandmother’s mystical vision had already told him—that Allison is his destiny.

He’s determined win her love by the full moon. That means he only has six days to prove they are soul mates.

How will this mysterious billionaire from Transylvania win over a skeptical New Yorker who does not believe in relationships and thinks meant-to-be love is a myth like unicorns and Santa Claus?

There’s only one way. He must speak to her in a language she understands. Arousal.

Riches, royalty, and spiritual power hang in the balance. So do two hearts and souls.

This is a contemporary steamy romance with a mystical HEA. MUST BE 18 AND OVER.