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Welcome to My World of Sexy Love Stories and Soulmate Romance

Welcome! And thanks for visiting my website!


I am excited to share my books and articles with like-minded readers who love sexy romance stories about hot Alpha males, and who are fans of fiction that give us permission to enjoy our fantasies.


I write steamy contemporary and paranormal romance books about soulmates who find each other in slightly magical ways. The attraction is often immediate and intense. 


As a former editor of an iconic women's magazine, sexy stories and beautiful men have long been my beat. As someone who believes in the magic of love, I like my characters to experience a bit of magic in the way they meet, and/or in the way they connect.

I am a wife and mother, and live in the real world like most of you! And like most of you, I love reading great romance books. It is important for us to be able to escape and to be inspired (ignited!) by books and stories.

I especially love books in which women get a chance to act on a fantasy or an extreme attraction, and, as a result, they become stronger, more confident, and find fulfillment. Pleasure and sexual evolution play a big part in my stories, yet all open a door to love and romance and have happy -- and happy for now -- endings.

For much of my life I was a journalist by day, and by night, an author of sexy stories and books.

Fiction writing is my secret passion. When I write steamy love stories it makes me feel freer. Hope you feel that way reading them.

Sending you wishes for love, romance, and the perfect soulmate in your life!

A.C. Rose

Coming in 2022 from A. C. Rose